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Residenz MARGA ALFEIRÃO, 27.02.-23.03.

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MARGA ALFEIRÃO nutzt Medien, um sichere Räume für die Erforschung von Intimität und Sexualität durch Tanz und Performance zu schaffen. Stark beeinflusst von Tanzgenres und Klangtexturen aus der afrikanischen Diaspora, die durch das soziale Gefüge Lissabons verbreitet werden, sucht Marga Alfeirão nach aktiven Behauptungen von Weiblichkeit, indem sie Raum für lesbische Sinnlichkeiten schafft.

Im März 2023 ist Marga Alfeirão im CFB für eine Arbeitsresidenz im Rahmen des Residenzprogramms “NEW TECHNIQUES” von den SOPHIENSÆLEN. Die Residenz wird gefördert durch die Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa.


Marga Alfeirão über ihre Residenz:

We dived into the relation of cheesiness, grief, trust and erotics in queerness. How does sensuality permeate hard feelings and transform through intense but restful processes? How can a witnessing gaze be engaged in the shaping of intimacy? Plus, understanding which togetherness we can weave with half of the crew in person and the half digitally present.

How can the quality of intimacy shared in a duo be transfered to a group? What are the qualities of attention and listening explored with less attachment to personal narrations?

We will address these questions through combining practices of dance and choreography, poetry writing and music mixing. Through lapdances logics, dancers Myriam, Marga and Duncan will explore their grief through hip-hop movement vocabulary. Duygu and Candice will write together about what they see the dancers dance and from what Duygu and Candice feel and think when watching. Nidia’s and Shaka Lion’s music mixing will come from what they see the dancers


MARGA ALFEIRÃO (Lisbon,1994) uses media to carve safe-spaces for the exploration of intimacy and sexuality through dance and performance. Heavily influenced by dance-genres and sound textures from the african diaspora disseminated through Lisbon’s social tissue, she attempts an active claim of womanhood, making room for lesbian sensualities. In 2023 she premiered LOUNGE at TanzTage, a lesbian lap dance duet. Last year together with Camila Malenchini, she premiered Wet Eyez, a work on emotional bodies and fantasy. She has worked with choreographers Tamara Alegre, Antonja Livingstone, architect Afaina de Jong, among others. She is active in the portuguese Ballroom scene as a founding member of the Casa das Musas. In Berlin she started COYOTE PRETTY UGLY, a 4 member 10 minute act to entertain the lesbian queer evenings of the city. Graduated from HZT’s BA in dance and choreography in Berlin (2017-21), she initiated Lapdances to Ringtones and Lullabies, a research on erotics and rest.

Currently she is developing her new work on cheesiness, grief and queerness with dancers Myriam Lucas, Mariana Benengue and herself, dj’s Nidia and Shaka Lion and writers Duygu Agal and Candice Nembhard, attempting simultaneous lapdances.

Together with her collaborator Camila Malenchini, they are developing a new work on horror, paralysis, womanhood and myth to premiere in 2024.